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*Pre-order only through holiday season!! Order by 10/31, receive by Dec. 1 (mail and local pick-up orders).


Small tins and/or envelopes stuffed full of tiny ephemeral goodness. Each mini curation is unique with a carefully selected assortment of quality tiny items ranging from paper samples, art inspo, quotes, cutouts, stickers, and original magnets, to vintage trinkets, items in miniature, dried and pressed botanicals, and handmade miniature art. Sample my art and find some creative inspo! Surprise & delight yourself or someone else with bits of joy and random quirk. Collect your own found items in the tins after using the contents. Decoupage surface of tin with the contents and your own ephemeral finds.


Tins are roughly 3.5 x 2.5 inches. Packaged in cloth (furoshiki-style wrapping) -- no single use plastic.


Ephemera envelopes are $12 and include all contents of ephemera tins within a paper envelope instead of a tin.

ephemera tins

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