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Palmer Tiny Art Gallery

The Palmer Tiny Art Gallery, located at 403 South Alaska Street in downtown Palmer, is a mini gallery open to the public 24/7. It is part of the Palmer Arts and Cultural Trail and was installed in October of 2022.  

Artists of all ages, abilities, and locales, working in all mediums and styles are invited to exhibit their art in the roughly 20 x 20 x 24" main gallery space for visitors to view and claim on a "take a piece/leave a piece" basis.

The gallery is lit by solar and battery-powered lights and is regularly maintained.  Work and featured artists are shared on Facebook and Instagram @palmertinyartgallery.

New!  Featured Artist Box and "BYOC" Community Board!

Next to the tiny gallery, on the corner of Alaska Street and Cottonwood Avenue, is locked display case and blackboard we are using in conjunction with the Tiny Gallery!

The blackboard is open to use!  


The locked display case will be available for takeover on a first-come-first-serve basis.  Please fill out the form and provide a brief description of your installation idea and we will get back to you with more details!

KEEP IN MIND that the locked display case:

  • is open for all ages!  younger artists, please do apply with an adult's help!

  • is not insulated

  • is not fully sealed - moisture can enter

  • will include a bio of each artist featured

  • is not for displaying items for sale, although you may link to your websites and socials

  • will be rotated on a 1 or 2 month basis as needed/available

  • is locked but cannot guarantee the safety of your artwork!

If you have any questions about the gallery, blackboard, or locked display case, please contact:

News & Updates

Did ya catch us on Channel 2?  We *are* tiny gallery, so we're easy to miss...


Interested in displaying art in the Featured Artist box?

Thank you! :)

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